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Less than a month!

Posted 05-06-2011 at 06:37 AM by Dr. Mel

Less than a month and I'm seriously thinking of changing jobs! I worked for this company 2004-2009...I left to finish my doctoral degree and work for another agency (same type) for 18 months and then decided to return "home". My husband's has had his job about 23 years and couldn't leave. It is good to be back home--that is not what I'm complaining about...but the work load is overwhelming.

The Good LORD has a very mysterious way of working. I wasn't really looking for a job when I found my last position. I was trying to find out more information about NP salaries to be honest. I was invited for an interview and I really thought this company (who was willing to allow me to implement my doctoral project) would be a good change. It was. I miss everyone terribly. Anyway, just when I was feeling so overwhelmed, I got an email from a friend who asked me if I'd be interested in a job with her agency.

This is like contract work based on productivity. A lot to consider. It would be a way to get out of the situation that I'm in, but one thing about this current job is that it is a regular paycheck if I show up. Doesn't matter if I see 1 or 100, I get money for the family. Thing is, most days there is no breathing room.

Example....yesterday I had people literally parked outside my door waiting for me to bring a patient out to ask me a question. So, I take care of them and make a run for the bathroom. On my way there, two more people stop me. Then I start back to my office to get the next patient and then it dawns on me...I have pain from my full bladder...I never got to pee! This is pretty much a typical scenario for a work day. This is NOT healthy for me mentally or physically.

So, what will be different with this new job? I have no clue. I have to find out more information. Since it is based on productivity, I know I wil be driven to see as many people as I can in a day's time. But, I can stop and take time to pee, 30 minutes to eat, and if I need to, get out of the building and walk! I already take my lunch with me, so I can sneak into a break room at a facility and take time to eat. Yesterday I had my lunch heated up and was taking bites walking back to my office. It wasn't woofing it down like I've done in the past, but I can see where that old habit will come back if I'm not careful. If I did have a lunch break, people would be camping outside my door with work related issues--that has already proven itself.

So, if anyone is reading this, please pray for me about this. God got me out of this place in 2009 and allowed me to finish my school. God got me back home (which I missed). God has more plans for me, but I pray that they will be made clear to me.

One thing WLS has done, has made me realize that there are other parts to my health...things that I need to get control over. The stress level is one of those things as well.

Oh, and I'm 190 today. Hopefully by Monday I'll be in the 180's. I'm thrilled. I haven't been at this weight for over 12 years. For a nearly 47 year old, I do have more energy than I've had in a long time, but I fear I'll be beaten down if I stay at my current job.

More of the saga later.....
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