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Chrissy B
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being thrown a curve ball....

Posted 06-22-2011 at 06:21 AM by Dr. Mel

Still at 180...last blog I was to have GB removed the 29th...well that is now TODAY.

Change of events. I got an email on Monday basically telling me I would not work past the end of this week. That is 3 wks earlier than the notice I gave. I had a lot of emotions. The GI distress I was experiencing I thought was from the emotional stress.

I resolved issues (like moved my start date up so I would have a job and not be out of work for 3 wks) but the GI distress continued, but there was bloating, some pain radiating to my back, chills, and it didn't stop and stay gone...it was coming in little bouts.

So, I will have my gall bladder out today. The surgeon moved the date up a week. Prayers are appreciated. I hope the surgery takes care of the GI symptoms. I will be glad to go off the Actigal (my 2nd prescription med I take). I know I'll always have to take the Prilosec or some sort of PPI for the stomach, but I will be able to come off the other prescription pill.

Will try to post more later. Timing sucks. My daughter that turns 12 is having her party this weekend. I'm hoping I'll be up and ready to supervise. I have a near 18 year old daughter that is a big help and a 16 year old son that can help with the games, ice cream/cake, etc.

Well....until later!
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