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What a weekend!

Posted 03-15-2009 at 10:47 PM by gradualwisd0m

I'm not sure what made me decide that drinking two 16oz glasses of Skim Milk within an hour was a good idea. I was thirsty and milk sounded SO good tonight. I'm still thirsty but SO full. I need to quell this habit before surgery. I often find myself drinking lots of water all at once; an obvious sign that I need to drink more often throughout the day.

We went geocaching this afternoon. It was a GORGEOUS 57 degrees out with a slight breeze. We looked for 4 caches - the first two we could not find and the second two I spotted! It turns out that I can find the difficult ones but the moderate or 'easy' ones are difficult. I dislike the small caches because they're SO easy to camouflage and hard to find.

We made fajitas tonight and they were really good! We went to Gastof zur Gemutlichkeit with another couple for my birthday on Saturday evening. Apparently the day before they shot an episode of "Man vs. Food" at the table next to us so that was quite exciting. We set our Tivo to record it. I enjoyed the late night drive home. Ben was really tired so he cranked his seat back and I drove while listening to the soothing tones of Adele's "19" album. I love her voice!

Oh!!!! The fans and dehumidifier are out of our basement! FINALLY!! The floors are all dry. On Thursday they'll come back and clean the carpeting down there. I'm glad that we only paid our $1000 deductible for our insurance because I'm sure this job cost something like $2500.

One and a half weeks until my psych eval! And then only 2 weeks after that is my surgeon consult! I should start making my list of questions to ask.
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