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  1. Half way
  2. 5 weeks after tummy tuck and an update.
  3. Question for people who have had tummy tuck???
  4. Better pictures of me now and I feel better too.
  5. ??? about extended tummy tuck
  6. TT vs. Removal of Excess skin
  7. Getting my boobs put back on...
  8. Happy Tummy Tuck Kitty!
  9. Pray for me for tummy tuck!!
  10. Been awhile
  11. I got my tummy tuck surgery date yay!!!!
  12. Steps to PS ...
  13. 26th set and medicare to pay hospital
  14. So many questions .. consult on the 28th!
  15. tentative date of 8/26/09 for tt
  16. plastic round 2...final round!!
  17. My TT Revision Pics...4 weeks Post Op
  18. plastic surgery phase one done!
  19. Plastic Surgery Scheduled 6/29
  20. Hernia Repair Update
  21. surgery pics from consultant hope it works
  22. Natrelle Plastic Surgery Channel Shoot!!!
  23. TT Revision Monday June 15th!!
  24. how much weight did you lose from plastics?
  25. Roux en Y for Paraesophageal Repair
  26. Revision time ALREADY!
  27. info
  28. Need support :(
  29. consultation yesterday for tummy tuck
  30. First Consulation Today
  31. Body wraps
  32. PS on a Case By Case Basis (more likely then not)
  33. DH wants me to get a Boob Job ..
  34. Yoga after a tummy tuck
  35. last stage plastics completed
  36. ChuppyGirl Update: my PS is next Monday!!!
  37. The drain is BACK!!!
  38. The Drain is G-O-N-E!!!
  39. Getting plastic surgery in 5 hours!
  40. PS in Mexico?
  41. Tt revision
  42. Arnica cream to help with swelling
  43. Kim Timble, how's the tummy?
  44. thinning the blood after plastics?
  45. Post tummy tuck 8.5 weeks
  46. just how much does all this saggy extra skin weigh??
  47. Can muscles be damaged?
  48. Met with Plastic Surgeon Today
  49. 1st dr. appointment after tt
  50. surgery pics
  51. back home
  52. update
  53. Its a go
  54. I am home!!!
  55. TT Pics
  56. 10 lbs lost after TT
  57. Flatten your tummy w/o surgery?
  58. kim made it home
  59. Preparing to leave!!
  60. home after first lot of plastics
  61. Plastic surgery
  62. Which Plastic surgeon to go for?
  63. ok I am stressing
  64. I am starting to look into plastics....
  65. My plastic's scheduled for Tuesday, but...I chickened out!
  66. Plastic Surgeon interested in helping weight loss patients
  67. First plastic surgery consult
  68. how are you
  69. Met with 2nd PS Surgeon today..
  70. I got Approved for PS

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