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  1. All the surgery is DONE
  2. Gall bladder removal tomorrow
  3. sometimes think my body looks worse
  4. Plastic Surgery Next Wednesday!!
  5. plastics all in one go????
  6. I get a boob lift nanny nanny boo boo
  7. I am going to do my plastics early....
  8. Talked to my PS office today
  9. If your younger, does that decrease the chances of Plastic Surgery?
  11. Plastic Surgery & Insurance
  12. will everyone have alot of excess skin?
  13. Who do i ask about...
  14. Plastic Surgery
  15. Article I read today!!!
  16. insurance
  17. Oh my .... Im in complete shock
  18. How many of you had excess skin after BYPASS surgery
  19. Plastic surgery pictures, AMAZING!!!!!!
  20. Another 10kg's, to go for plastic surgery!
  21. About the cost of plastics
  22. How do you do it w/no $$$?
  23. Plastic Surgery done
  24. Question For Dr Oliver
  25. Question For Dr Oliver...
  26. Plastic Surgery Options with No Insurance?
  27. I should have my approval/denial on Monday....
  28. Had my consult and question for dr..
  29. Questions to Dr. Oliver
  30. I'm so excited!!!!
  31. Plastic Surgery in Mexico
  32. Botox & Depression
  33. Plastics after 150lb loss - results?
  34. Lost my ps website
  35. plastic surgery article
  36. just went under surgery
  37. A Month to Go
  38. anyone?
  39. insurance coverage for plastics

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