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  1. Buying a Bike!
  2. exercise
  3. Hey Fitbit folks, has this happened to yours...
  4. Got me a Fitbit!
  5. Weekend Edition - How're you shakin' it for Cinco de Mayo?
  6. Finally Friday! How you working out today?
  7. It's Thursday... how did you move today?
  8. LOL, I'm new here!
  9. Book Recommendation - The Ultimate Fit or Fat?
  10. How Are You Movin' Monday?
  11. Weekend is Here ~ How are you working out?
  12. Friday 4/27 - What did you do for exercise today???
  13. You getting some exercise in today?
  14. How were you moving this Wednesday!
  15. Tuesday ~ How Ya Gettin' Your Exercise Groove On Today?
  16. just joined
  17. Monday Movers, tell us how you exercised today?
  18. How did you move this weekend?!
  19. On vacation in Florida and working on 6 lbs
  20. Friday - How are you shaking your groove thang?
  21. Thursday ~ Are You Working Out Today?
  22. Little help needed please
  23. I need to go but.....
  24. Wednesday ~ You Working Out Today?
  25. It's Tuesday..... how are you movin and groovin today
  26. Monday ~ How Ya Movin' Today?
  27. Weekend edition... How are you moving and are you loving it?!!
  28. TGIF ~ How are you exercising today?
  29. It's Thursday, Tell us how you moved today!
  30. Trainer appointment all set up!
  31. Wednesday Workouts
  32. Tuesday Exercise Train...All Aboard!!
  33. Monday Movers! How Ya Exercising Today?
  34. Easter Weekend edition... how ya movin?
  35. Happy GOOD FRIDAY--- How are you gettin your work out on
  36. Terrific Thursday... how ya moving?
  37. Wednesday ~ Come on in and share how you exercised today
  38. Tuesday ~ Fess Up, Who's Exercising Today?
  39. Weekend Edition Excercise ~ Write All About It!!
  40. Possible torn meniscus - need exercise ideas.
  41. Thursday ~ How are you moving today?
  42. Wednesday ~Are you in motion?
  43. It's Tuesday! Exercise anyone?
  44. Monday ~ How ya exercising today?
  45. Weekend Workouts ~ How Are You Moving This Weekend?
  46. When can you start exercising afterwards?
  47. Finally it's Friday! Are you moving?
  48. How are you moving this Thursday?
  49. Workout Wednesday ~ What's Got You Burning Calories Today?
  50. How did you work your body this Tuesday?
  51. Are you moving this Manic Monday?
  52. Anyone interested in working out on Block Island this summer?
  53. How are you moving? Weekend edition
  54. FITBIT help!!!
  55. It's Friday! How are you moving?
  56. Terrific Tuesday - how are you shakin it?
  57. I'm soooo confused!!!!
  58. It's Monday---- Whatcha eatin'
  59. Monday!! So How Are You Moving Today?
  60. Titan Fitness here I come!"
  61. How are you exercising weekend edition
  62. It's Freaky Friday Mar. 9th, how are you moving!!!
  63. Tired This Thursday.... How did you work out
  64. Wednesday ~ How Are You Moving Today?
  65. Are you moving today? Tuesday 3/6/12
  66. Manic Monday- did you think you didn't have to excercise??
  67. Sunny Sunday- Are you workin' it today??
  68. Are you moving this Saturday, March 3rd?
  69. TGIF! What's your workout today March 3rd?
  70. Thursday March 1st, What are you doing for exercise?

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