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  1. It's Sunday May 22nd! Are you exercising or resting?
  2. TGIF! What's your workout today May 20th?
  3. It's finally Friday...May 20, 2011! What are you doing for exercise today?
  4. What about the gym?
  5. What will you do today for exercise this Thursday Mat 19th?
  6. Are you exercising today, Wednesday May 18th?
  7. It's Tuesday! How are you working out today, May 17th
  8. Completed my first 5K run of the season today
  9. Exercise this Sunday, May 15th
  10. Who's exercising this beautiful Saturday?
  11. Careful exercising this Friday the 13th!
  12. Should I keep the exercise thread going or not?
  13. May 5th, How are you exercising today?
  14. just wondering
  15. Terrific Tuesday! Are you moving?
  16. Thursday May 5th, Are you exercising?
  17. Are you exercising today, Wednesday May 4th
  18. Good Tuesday Morning! What's your exercise for today?
  19. Monday May 2nd, what are you doing for exercise?
  20. Saturday, April 30th, what are we doing for exercise?
  21. Friday, April 29th, what are you doing for exercise?
  22. Thursday April 28th, what are you doing for exercise?
  23. It's hump day! How are you exercising?
  24. How are you exercising this Tuesday, April 26th?
  25. Monday April 25th, Are you exercising today?
  26. Anyone exercising today?
  27. Thursday April 21st, What are you doing for exercise today?
  28. April 20, what exercise are you doing today?
  29. What did you do for exercise this April 19th?
  30. Suggestions for getting started
  31. I ran 2 full miles today..!!!
  32. fun workouts!
  33. Cheap Home Gym
  34. Treadmill music
  35. exercise
  36. need to know
  37. Does weight training help w hanging skin?
  38. I need to change my routine...
  39. Bat Wings and Bellies
  40. Wii
  41. help
  42. What are YOUR favorite workouts to do from home?
  43. p90x
  44. Wii dance dvd or zunba dvd
  45. Went to the gym
  46. Flabby arms....any excercise tips??
  47. Okay walked this morning
  48. HELP! I need some advice
  49. Daily Exercise Journal & 2011 fitness goals...
  50. excercise question
  51. I'm competitive - who knew???
  52. how much weight to lift
  53. I finally got started exercising...
  54. daily exercise log!!!!!!
  55. my exercise log!!!:)
  56. Walked my first 5K today!!!
  57. I love zumba!!!
  58. Exercise Tips needed
  59. Thinking of trying Zumba....
  60. Daily exercise journal
  61. evening exercise.....
  62. need advice
  63. Well in that case... So did I....
  64. Daily exercise journal:)
  65. My daily exercise journal....part 2
  66. My daily exercise journal
  67. My daily exercise journal:)
  68. Spinning...
  69. Feeling motivated....
  70. My exercise journal

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