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  1. Need to vent!
  2. My journey
  3. I'm Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Chantix and smoking
  5. Determination Abounds
  6. 5 year weight history
  7. Appointment with primary
  8. PCM and Tricare Prime
  9. I have a question
  10. Who Has Independent Health And How Long Did You Have To Wait
  11. Have you ever heard of this?????
  12. You won't believe this
  13. Finally
  14. Submitting to insurance
  15. OMG Further Irritation, talk about making you feel bad
  16. This has been a fun week.....not
  17. Last of the weigh ins today good/bad advice needed please
  18. 6 days left to the weigh in and I am afraid
  19. SO... i'm here again trying my journey
  20. Newbie working on getting approval
  21. WLS consultation scheduled!
  22. how long did it take u to get your surgery?
  23. now considering weight loss surgery
  24. Some Tips on How to Read/Understand Medical Data
  25. Weight Loss Surgery Statistics
  26. Help: Quitting smoking is harder than I thought
  27. Does anyone have Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield?
  28. The Dreaded Weigh in
  29. OMG Weigh in tomorrow
  30. Has anyone heard of: NY State Malpractice Insurance Denies Surgery on People 400+ lbs
  31. 6 mo supervised diet weight loss?
  32. Insurance question
  33. The Pre-op Diet
  34. 6 month pre-op diet
  35. Supervised weight loss
  36. Aetna Open Access HMO / Selection criteria:
  37. I'm getting closer!!!
  38. I Just Took The First Step
  39. Patient criteria question
  40. Filling out the diet info paperwork
  41. Oh No!
  42. WLS and Eating disorders
  43. Criteria for WLS Surgery
  44. what qualified me

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