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  1. Sleeve vs. roux bypass
  2. 2 week freak out till rny to ds revision
  3. For EVERYONE who thinks I'm CRAZY...
  4. Comparative Potential Results
  5. RNY or VSG?? Still Undecided...
  6. Anyone had band over bypass revision after 18 months?
  7. What do you know about Dr. Armando Joya and the sleeve surgery?
  8. Gastric sleeve not working
  9. Question
  10. RNY vs Sleeve
  11. revision to RNY or DS
  12. Open VS Laparoscopic RNY
  13. Calling all VSGer's
  14. Tylenol pm
  15. Can't wait for next doctors appointment
  16. why does everyone have differant diet options
  17. Purse String Procedure
  18. I failed in the gastric sleeve, should I just give up?
  19. Anyone preparing for or postop gastric sleeve?
  20. Roux-n-Y vs Gastric Sleeve
  21. Which is the right way to go.. A loaded question
  22. WLS Choices
  23. TYPE 2 diabetes?
  24. How long....
  25. Choosing Type of WLS Surgery
  26. Bumps, Jumps and Stalls, oh my
  27. Revisions?
  28. DocSanae Question about RNY to DS revision?
  29. How did you decide between bypass and sleeve?
  30. Hey Doc - This one's for you! :-)
  31. Being Proactive About Being a Post-Op WLS Patient
  32. Gastric sleeve
  33. Gastric sleeve and Roux en y bypass
  34. Found this on WebMd/Facebook
  35. Anyone had open RNY?
  36. When all else fails, there's surgery
  37. yahoo article on Sleeve
  38. I had the sleeve. Anyone else out there who had the sleeve?
  39. Latest thinking about VSG vs. RNY?
  40. Something to think about when considering your choice between bypass and lap band.
  41. RNY vs. Lap...My nutritionist really is pushing me to LAP
  42. Road to Success
  43. Anti-Obesity Vaccine
  44. High Cholesterol/sleeve
  45. Sticky post on how weight is lost-bad URL 4 pouch rules
  46. I had the VBG in 2000 - Revison RNY on 3/22/11
  47. Gastric Imbrication - new procedure
  48. Post op ER Care
  49. Who has the Duodenal Switch
  50. gastric sleeve?????
  51. What do you guys think about liposculpture
  52. P.o.s.e.
  53. Bariatric surgery italy vs u.s.a
  54. 2010 gastric bypass Post op troubles for those who have had surgery
  55. Mini gastric bypass
  56. Women With PCOS
  57. Distal Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
  58. Any One Switch From Gastric Lap Band To Gastric Bypass
  59. Any Revisions in here ???
  60. Cost of VSG
  61. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG)
  62. Roux-en-Y
  63. Lap Band VS Gastric Bypass!
  64. Bougie size for sleeve gastrectomy
  65. help i have questions
  66. Wondering about the gastric bypass (HELP)
  67. open vs lap surgery question
  68. Bone Desenty Test results 12/31/08
  69. I have decided on the RNY...but..
  70. deciding whats right for me

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