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  1. Central Wisconsin
  2. Dr. Mailapur/Huntsville Hospital, Huntsville, AL
  3. Pennsylvania-BMI of Lancaster
  4. Dr. Roller Northwest Arkansas
  5. Dr. Keith Kim in Celebration Florida
  6. Highland Hospital/Rochester, NY
  7. Emory Hospital
  8. Albany Medical Center Bariatrics
  9. Kaiser Fresno or Fremont?
  10. Just found out that my surgeon moved to San Francisco :(
  11. Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group San Diego Ca
  12. Grapevine, TX (DFW Area)
  13. Jackson, Mississippi
  14. Prof Andre Van Rij New Zealand
  15. My Bariatric Solutions
  16. Peoria Surgical Group, Peoria Illinois
  17. st joseph at hamilton ontario
  18. Boston Medical Center: Boston Ma
  19. Dallas, TX
  20. Wisconsin
  21. CHRIAS (Christiana Instisute of Advanced Surgery) Of Delaware
  22. South Africa surgeons
  23. BIDMC in Boston- Dr. Benjamin Schneider or Dr Daniel Jones
  24. Arcadia Methodist Hospital, Los Angeles area, CA
  25. Dr Neil Hutcher in Richmond , Va at St Marys Hospital
  26. Johns Hopkins Center for Bariatric Surgery, Michael Schweitzer, M.D
  27. Winchester Med Center
  28. Mayo Clinic Minnesota
  29. Minneapolis Minnesota Great program and surgeon
  30. Mississippi/Alabama
  31. Drs in Georgia
  32. Dr. Graber Utica NY
  33. Dr. Lalor Wood County - Bowling Green OH
  34. Dr. Ingram in Schenectady NY (near Albany) - Opinions?
  35. Dr. Peter Rovito - Allentown, PA
  36. Dr. Alberto Aceves of Mexicali Bariatric Center
  37. Marquette General, Marquette Michigan
  38. Mercy Fitz Darby Pa Dr Ramachandra
  39. Kettering Medical Center
  40. Hamot Bariatric Surgery Center - Erie, PA
  41. Colorado Bariatric Institute and Dr. Metz
  42. Vanderbilt Center for WLS. Nashville, TN
  43. My wonderful surgeon
  44. Sutter / Sacramento Looking for PCP - Surgeon
  45. Cleveland Clinic
  46. Looking for PCP in Mercy Medical Group Sacramento
  47. surgery in UK
  48. Dr Eric Schlesinger
  49. Dr. Mould PCP Woodland Healthcare Davis, CA
  50. UCD Health System (Sacramento)
  51. Minneapolis Bariatric Surgeons, MN
  52. Henry Ford, Detroit, Michigan
  53. Dr. Daryl Stewart in Denton Texas
  54. Nashville, TN / Dr. Hugh Houston / Center for the Treatment of Obesity
  55. Buffalo General Hospital / Alan Posner, M.D., F.A.C.S.
  56. The Obesity Consult Center at Tufts - New England Medical Center in Boston, ma.
  57. Sarasota Florida, Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald
  58. Wittgrove Bariatric Center, La Jolla CA (San Diego area)
  59. Dayton, Ohio
  60. Arizona Bridges Bariatric Center
  61. North Carolina
  62. What Doctors do you recommend (California and New York)
  63. Gastric Bypass Surgery in Brazil
  64. Dr.Chae
  65. Long Island Bariatric Center
  66. Genesis Health System
  67. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center- Los Angeles, California
  68. Dr. Bryan Freeman in Anniston, Alabama
  69. Dr. Robert Oliver
  70. Dr.Arif Ahmad

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